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Social Networking

Recognising the importance of residents’ on-going relationships with their friends and family, we have developed a simple social networking system to help them to keep in touch.



All friends and family members are encouraged to register their mobile phone number on our website so that they can then communicate with the residents using text messaging.

Messages are copied to all friends and family so that everyone is kept in the loop and can benefit from knowing what is happening. As well as general chit-chat amongst the social group, messages can remind everyone of birthdays and important anniversaries, etc. The group can be reminded of events at the care home and notified of other significant happenings such as births, exam results, weddings and holidays.

Each resident has a social assistant

Each resident is assigned a social assistant who will help them read all the messages that are sent. In some cases the resident may be able to view the messages directly on a computer screen, in other cases the social assistant will print them out, perhaps in large type, or read them out loud to the resident. The social assistant may then elicit a response from the resident which they will then send out to everyone.

Friends and family can access their Social Network on-line

All messages can be sent and received directly as mobile phone text messages. Friends and family may also have a username and password that allows them to log in on the web-site and see all the recent messages that have been sent and received. They can also send messages directly on the web-site if they are unable to send via their mobile phone or find typing on a computer more convenient than texting on a phone.

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