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Rights Based Approach to the provision of accommodation and care

The facilitation of people’s rights underpins everything we do. Our ethos is to promote access to opportunities and to empower individuals to live as independently as possible in the way that they choose. This is reflected in our policies and the way that we conduct our operations day to day.

We promote all the fundamental freedoms, such as the right to freedom of expression, the right to a private and family life, the right to live without discrimination, and the right to liberty.

These principles are enshrined in the Human Rights Act and other laws, which have been designed to protect us all and provide us with freedoms many of us take for granted. These rights become particularly important when we become more vulnerable and require additional support.

Our rights based approach has given us the following priorities:

  • Tenancy rights are among the most important rights we have and these are lost when people enter into a traditional care home agreement. To preserve these rights, we offer tenancy agreements to our residents thus enabling them to live as they previously did in their own homes. This gives them the right to privacy and to refuse others’ entry to their suite, even though 24 hour nursing care and support is available on demand.
  • Tenancy rights also give residents the right to choose to have their care needs met by a different provider without moving out of their suites.
  • Alternatively, residents can end their tenancy at any time with no notice period, so that they are not obligated to stay for a set period if they wish to move elsewhere.
  • We promote residents’ rights as regards mental health and mental capacity and we seek to promote choice and independence, so that our residents live in the way that they choose.
  • We respect residents’ rights to make decisions for themselves, even if we don’t agree with those decisions, and will promote each resident’s right to decide what care is provided and even to refuse it. If a person has been assessed as being unable to make their own decisions, we will support them in any way we can and decisions will only be made in their best interests and with input from family, friends, and other professionals where appropriate.
  • The right to liberty is one the most important fundamental freedoms and we do not deprive anyone of their liberty unless absolutely necessary in order to protect them and any deprivation will always be in their best interests and in accordance with the law.
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